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Project Overview

We don’t believe there is any one way to complete a project.

BUT the general flow is as follows:



The very first part to making a successful website is to be clear on what it should do. Before we can start or even give you an estimate – we need to know EXACTLY what you want us to do! 

Some things to consider; What is the purpose of the website? Do you have the pages and text ready to go or do you need a copywriter? Do you know what you want the website to look like? Do you have a designer? Photos are great – do you have any we can use? any ideas? any sites you like? send them to us. Do you need an online store? does the website need to integrate with any software you already have?

After we know what we are building we can supply you with some ideas, estimates and timelines or we can have a consultation to help you figure it out.



Once we have a scope we need to know who is involved and who makes the final decision, any important dates and what timezone you are in. Then we can make the plan of attack!

If you need the project yesterday, our fee will be higher. We are firm believers in the GOOD, CHEAP, FAST model (you can only choose two).

We each have a different rate per hour and estimate based on how long we think what you want us to do will take. When the scope changes so does our estimate.



If this is the first time we have worked together or the project is expected to take over 1 month or $2000 AUD we will supply a start work invoice of approximately 30% of the estimated cost before we start.

This is payable via Bank Transfer or Credit Card.



After we know what we are making, how much it will cost, who will approve it and when it is to be done by. We can actually start the project! This is the best part see these details below.



Pretty sure every project we’ve ever worked on has had a change of direction at some point during the process. When this happens we will re-evaluate the time required and re-supply the timeline and the cost. Of course, we will let you know what the changes are and ask for your approval before going ahead.



We ask you to check what we have done in each stage very carefully when we send over to you for approval. After we have sign off for the project – we provide 14 days warranty – if anything isn’t working as we discussed or something is missing we will fix it at no extra cost.

After 14 days any changes will be considered a new project or part of your care plan.

Before We Start

To get started we will give you a list of what we need – this will generally include:

  • Cpanel access to your hosting (or database and FTP) – IF you already have hosting.
  • WordPress login – IF you already have a site built by someone else.
  • The photos you want – OR a bunch that we can choose from.
  • The text you want on each page – OR we will estimate writing it for you.
  • Designs – if you have a designer put us in contact. If you want the designs to be EXACT – please supply layered Photoshop files, 72dpi, RGB. Some assets will need to be higher resolution – they can be supplied separately.
  • Also, please don’t send us anything we can’t use. It will just save time and budget.

Development Stages

Depending on the project, we have a little bit of a different approach to build a website. We like to make sure it works properly first THEN layer all the design and final details on top. This way we make sure the bigger picture is achieved and we aren’t wasting time on small details that are nice to have but aren’t serving the bigger picture.


Structure and Function

STAGE 1 – we focus on what the site needs to do. We make the pages, put in the text for launch – probably some placeholder images – and make sure it can DO everything it needs to.

This phase is not pretty – sometimes we won’t even show you – it can be distressing. But we want to make sure that the site will do everything it needs to and you can manage the back end (WordPress admin) to do what you need.



STAGE 2 – Once we are sure the site is doing what it needs to then we can start roughly putting in the design elements. We will show you an IN-PROGRESS draft version and ask for your feedback to make sure we are going down the right track.

As you probably already know – there is no standard with web design SO what works in one browser/device may not in another. At this stage we usually aim to get everything working with Google Chrome then finalise other browsers in the testing phase. Mobile will also be in draft stage unless we tell you otherwise.

We can do a feedback call or you can send us one big ol’ email or Google Doc with details. 



STAGE 3 – After the draft we can be sure we are going in the right direction and add in all the final details and content to launch with. Probably a little back and forth and with one more final approval we can prepare to send the site LIVE!




STAGE 4 – We test our work in current versions of all major desktop browsers including those made by Apple (Safari), Google (Chrome), Microsoft (Internet Explorer) and Mozilla (Firefox). We’ll also test to ensure Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 and above for Windows users gets an appropriate, possibly different, experience. Won’t test in other older browsers unless you specify otherwise. If you need an enhanced design for an older browser, we can provide a separate estimate for that.



Launch, Handover and Maintenance

STAGE 5 – After we launch there is 14 days warranty – if we have missed anything or you notice anything that isn’t working as we discussed please please please let us know within 14 days of launching and we can fix for you at no extra cost.
After we launch we can start an ongoing maintenance retainer to keep you up to date. See details here.

Other Great Information

  • Our favourite tools are Google Drive, Trello, Slack, Photoshop and Sketch.
  • If you would like to keep track of the budget we will supply you with a shared Google Sheet that updates daily with out time spent to date.
  • If we are building you a custom theme or custom plugin from a design you supplied – any changes after we start will change the cost and the timing!
  • We always invoice and follow up projects on Mondays – so if we are in development – expect to hear from us on Monday!
  • If the work is paused for whatever reason and we can’t move forward for a month – we will invoice you for the work done so far and re-estimate when you are ready to recommence.
  • Our invoice terms are 2 weeks – paid by credit card or bank transfer. Please take note of the due date to keep everyone happy.
  • If you will be late paying – please let us know and we won’t hassle you every Monday.